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Real Vision Imaging

Real Vision Imaging Solution Overview.

Real Vision Imaging (RVI) is a complete document imaging and report capture system that provides fast, enterprise-wide access to your important documents. This native iSeries solution offers a powerful, reliable, scalable, and secure way to handle your records retention needs. RVI supports most information types including:

- Scanned documents (black & white and color)
- Digital photographs
- Imported PC files (multiple types)
- Facsimiles
- Audio / Visual clips
- Spool file output (reports, AFP documents, etc...)

Advanced workflow capabilities, internet support, report distribution, and PDF document delivery are standard features of RVI Complete. There are no additional modules to purchase and no user based fees. The capture system is provided so there are no extra charges for scan / index functions.

PC viewer options include a standard Windows viewer, a web browser option, a PC Inquiry viewer (for non-iSeries applications), and green-screen / GUI Spool File viewers. RVI has been enabled with IBM Websphere for modernized iSeries screens which complement the look & feel of the PC viewers.

Implementations are typically fast and easy and can be accomplished with direct source code integration or using a screen-scraping approach.

The two entry level systems (Spool File and Basic) can be upgraded to RVI Complete for just a differential license fee.

Common Problems Addressed by RVI

Fewer than 10% of documents are currently available electronically. Because of this, organizations are buried in paperwork with thousands of new pages / reports adding to the clutter every day. Scattered files are stored haphazardly in over-stuffed records centers which occupy too much office space. Time consuming searches often reveal that key documents are missing. These delays waste productivity and impact the ability to deliver excellent customer service.

Fight Back!

RVI offers a chance to fight back in the war against paperwork by bringing order to chaos. Random stacks of paper are transformed into organized files of information. Specifically, RVI can:

- Alleviate the production of more paper (or microfilm / fiche)
- Minimize instances of non-available / lost documents
- Better manage / organize / control the records center
- Increase worker productivity / efficiency
- Enhance customer service with faster access to documents
- Recapture significant amounts of valuable floor space
- Facilitate disaster recovery / security controls
- Offer a more permanent document preservation strategy
- Improve records retention / audit compliance procedures
- Allow people to share files / process work simultaneously
- Enhance the professionalism / quality of work delivered

Because files / documents are now available in digital form, they can be moved electronically and shared concurrently by multiple users in multiple departments from multiple locations. Implementing RVI workflow / routing capabilities can eliminate steps, reduce bureaucracy, and compress processing cycle times even further.

Web enabling your operation can further extend access and reach to records in your file-room. This allows key customers, suppliers, business partners, or remote employees to have secured access to files previously unavailable to them.

The bottom line is RVI can save you time, money, and aggravation and will help you establish a more efficient and profitable operation.



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